Yamaha FJR1300A

I have a Yamaha FJR1300A and have recently had a set of MC Performance sports mufflers supplied and fitted by Mark Chaplain. I can summarise my experience in this as the 4 P’s –

Product - excellent appearance, style and fitting - really enhances the bike’s looks.

Performance - improved allround acceleration and grunt, particularly in the mid range. Plus, even if that was not so, the sound makes me think it is anyway - it’s delightful

Price - Actually cheaper than all those that I looked at.

Personalised Attention - I was treated as though I was the most important client around. The initial fitting was not quite right (something to do with the casting in England, and the fact that mine might have been the first of this model to have the mufflers fitted), so Mark actually modified and refitted both mufflers for me while I waited. They are magnificent!

I am an extremely happy customer and highly recommend this product and Mark’s customer relations to anyone and everyone.

John D


BMW 1150 GS

Hi Mark

Just a quick note to thank you for the outstanding Y Pipe I purchased from you. It has made a world of change to the 1150Gs. The bike is much more crisp in it’s response across the whole rev range. In the past it suffered from an amount of lag midrange that I was un aware or until I fitted the Y Pipe. The increase certainly back up the Dyno figures in the way the bike now feels. A common concern of riders is the noise increase when removing the factory muffler & collector. I was very impressed with the results considering I am running a Staintune muffler & have done for some time. The increase in noise is apparent at idle & moving off, but there is no increase in noise at 110 kph.

Many Thanks,




My GL1000 had a 4-into-1 system which was choking the motor. My Mechanic suggested that the exhaust system be replaced with a stainless 4-into-2 system A quick search of the internet led me to MC Performance who supplied a Motad system. The system was easy to fit, sounds great and has definitely increased the performance of the bike due to low back pressure

I suggest replacing the exhaust gaskets off the head at the same time as fitting the new system.

D.R. Partridge


To Whom It May Concern:

I would like to advise that I purchased a pair of bike mufflers from Mark Chaplain in September 2006. I would like to thank him for the great quality, price and service that he provided through out the ordering process. The goods arrived in excellent condition and well packaged. I have fitted the pipes to my bike and it was a very easy process to follow and I am more then satisfied with the performance so far.

I highly recommend Marks services for all bike parts and needs.


Russell Palmer


Sent: Monday, 4 December 2006 4:20 PM

To: Mark Chaplain

Subject: venom muffler

Dear Mark,

I am just sending you a message to let you know how happy I am with the Venom Muffler I purchased off you. When I first purchased my Triumph Daytona from the dealer with the Factory pipe fitted I had them fit a Vance Hines pipe, which made my bike have flat spots and would stall at Traffic lights, I was not happy with the performance, I requested the dealer take the pipe off my bike. I then purchased a Megacycle pipe which did rectify the flat spots, but I had a problem with the engine pipe burning my boots and feet when riding, it made my lower rpm riding very unresponsive. I was then told of your Business by a local bike mechanic and was very impressed by your enthusiasm to rectify my problems. The Venom pipe you sold me not only fixed my triumphs problems but has made the bike an absolute pleasure to ride and along with the way it bolted up straight out of the box ( unlike the previous pipes ) the quality and look of the pipe has far exceeded my expectation, not to mention the fantastic sound that my bike has. A few of my friends say I have a very high expectation when purchasing parts for my Daytona and made the comment that your company would need to be something special to satisfy my needs.

I just want to thankyou very much for the way in which you helped me and answered all my questions, I couldn't speak more highly of your pipes and the friendly service I received from you , please fell free to have any potential customers call me if they have any doubts to your fantastic services, thankyou once again.


Andrew Coulman


From: Steve Cecil

Sent: Thursday, 6 July 2006 10:13 AM

Subject: MC Performance WRF 450 Pipe modification

Hello Mark

I have had some time to ride my 2005 WRF 450 in a variety of terrain and conditions following the completion of the MC Performance pipe modification. In summary my assessment is that the results are OUTSTANDING. The power starts from down low and pulls hard all the way through the mid range revs. This transforms the ride ability of the bike in wet conditions and greatly enhances its hill climbing capabilities. This is a great product you offer and you should consider every WRF 450 owner as a potential happy customer.

Thanks for everything.


Steve Cecil


Hi Mark,

Just thought I'd drop you a quick note to say thank you for all your help in relation to the Venom pipes I bought from you for my CBR Blackbird. The pipes are great quality and the carbon finish is excellent. The first thing I noticed was the weight difference between the original pipes and the Venom pipes. Amazing. The sound is perfect, especially and the low to mid rev range and not having to worry about the police is great & the fact that I saved over $600 compared to some other well know brands is bonus. I recommend anyone to consider these pipes before buying any other brand.

Thanks for you great service & advice.



From: Roger Jenner

Sent: Friday, 30 June 2006 5:21 PM

To: Mark Chaplain

Subject: New S/Steel round MC performance muffler for 2006 ZRX1200R


I am emailing you to let you know how happy I am with the new S/Steel round muffler that I purchased from you, it has made the bike sound sweet and has given it a new lease of life in the performance department. Fitting it took about fifteen minutes and everything just bolted up with no hassels at all, I would totally recommend them to any serious bike rider who is looking at a after market pipe at the correct price instead of paying through the nose. Please refer attached photos of the muffler.

Kind Regards

Roger Jenner


Suzuki GSX 1300 (2005-2006 model).

Hi Mark,

I would like to say that i am Very happy with the Venom Mufflers you fitted to my GSX1300. After fitting the mufflers on, i immediately noticed an increase in the response & how the bike now pulls like never before. As i got the Road legal sports type the sound is perfect, i can hear the race sound with every touch of the throttle & not having to worry about the police. I would also like to say that the quality is very good & the fact that i saved over $600 compared to some other Major Brands is bonus in it self. I recomend anyone to consider these pipes before buying

Thanks for you great service & advice.

Ernie Corry

Moe (victoria)


From: Ted Hinds

Sent: Thursday, 25 November 2004 11:31 AM

To: Mark Chaplain

Subject: wr450 muffler

Hi Mark,

In answer to your queries,


I feel it has increasd the TORQUE noticeably,

The note has made it sound THROATY, but not noisy.

The muffler has a GREAT FINISH with the rolled tip.

I have had a couple of good rides since fitting the muffler, and find the torgue just amazing. Lofts the front wheel out of corners and just winds on without breaking traction. Hill climbs are easier as it pulls better down low also - my previous ride was a 97 XR600 so i know a little bit about pulling power. I would gladly recommend it to anyone,..[ask Mark for my phone number].

Thanks again Mark

Ted Hinds

From: DD

Sent: Thursday, 20 January 2005 10:14 AM

Subject: Fw: WR muffler mods

Mark - had first ride last w/end since your muffler mod - excellent! I'm not sure that it has improved the bottom end that much but certainly has improved the mid range. The note is very good - meaty without being loud. Overall i'm very happy with the result and think a much better option that spending some $800 on a 'loud' aftermarket exhaust! I would recommend it for all WR250 riders.

Dear Mark

I just wanted to email you quickly and let you know that the modifications you performed on my 2005 WR450’s muffler are awesome! It’s the best money I have spent on the bike so far by a long way. The noise is a lot deeper but it is definitely not offensive and as I ride it on the road as well it is perfect. It has given me a lot smoother power delivery as well with a noticeable difference in power all the way though the range.

I also wanted to thank you for the quick turn around time. Even over Xmas it was all done and back on my bike within a week. Not bad considering it was sent from NSW. So thank again for all your help and I’ll definitely recommend you to anyone looking for an exhaust

Yours Sincerely

Brad Norrie