Honda Parts List


  Part Number Price
CBR125R  stainless pipe and stainless Venom can VLH1RS  With S/Steel sport can $563.99
125 Varadero stainless pipes and collector DH1VC $544.75
125 Varadero stainless Venom full system VLH1VSK $808.00
CX500/A/B/CB (CUSTOM) MX5 $550.02
GL500 MGL5 $550.02
CB500R silencer only STAINLESS STEEL M5HR $443.50
CB500R Collector  (SS) M5HRC $443.50
CB500R Complete 2-1 STAINLESS STEEL M5HRK $685.61
CBF500 Collector (SS) M5HFC $443.50
CBF500 stainless system and venom can VLH5FK  with S/Steel sport can $705.74
NTV600/650 Silencer using OE Pipes STAINLESS STEEL MVT6 $443.50
NTV600/650 Front pipe (SS) MVT6-F $313.90
NTV600/650 Rear pipe (SS) MVT6-R $315.93
NTV600/650 Silencer and both pipes STAINLESS STEEL MVT6K $706.75
CBR600FM/N/P/R Collector (SS) XH6RMC $605.50
CBR600FM/N/P/R complete system VLH6RMK with S/Steel sport can  $850.53
CBR600FS/T/V/W Collector (SS) XH6RSC $646.00
CBR600 FS/T/V/W complete system VLH6RSK with  S/Steel sport can $872.80
CBR600FX  Down pipes and collector DH6RXC $646.00
CBR600 FX complete system VLH6XK with S/Steel sport can $949.75
CBR600F4I, Sport 2001-2003 Downpipes and collector DH6FS $646.00
CBR600F sport S-FS1E  2001 on - complete system VLH6FSK with S/Steel sport can $949.75
NTV650 Deauville - complete system STAINLESS STEEL MVT6DK $773.90
NTV650 Deauville - silencer with built in 2-1 coll. STAINLESS STEEL MVT6D $475.25
NTV650 Deauville - front pipe STAINLESS STEEL Q1MVT6D $289.60
NTV650 Deauville - rear pipe stainless steel Q2MVT6D $342.25
VFR750FR/S/T/V Collector (SS) D7HRRC $765.00
VFR800 Down pipes  & Collector D8HRC $765.00
VFR800 Down pipes & Collector and stainless venom road can VLH8RK $1,022.65
VFR800 Down pipes and Collector- later model with lambda sensor D8HRCS $765.00
VFR800 Down pipes, Collector & Sport can - later mdl with lambda sensor VLH8RSK $1,063.15
VFR800 VTEC   Down pipes  & Collector D8HRVC $765.00
CBR900RRP/R/S (SS) Collector D9HRRC $646.00
CBR900RRT/V/W (SS) Collector D9HRRTC $646.00
GL1000 4-2 System (SS) M10H $981.22
CBR1100XX-V/W Downpipes & collector Fits OE DH11SBC $646.00
GL1100 4-2 System (SS) M11H $981.22
GL1200 4-2 System  (SS) M12H $981.22
ST1100  Pan European - Pair of sils-stainless M11STBS       $747.25
ST1100  Pan European - Pair of sils-black chrome M11STBL $949.75
ST1100  Pan European (SS) Pipes and colls M11STC $694.60
ST1100 Pan European - Complete stainless 4-2 M11STBSK $1,192.75
ST1100 Pan European - Complete black silencers 4-2 M11STBLK $1,415.50
GL1500  6-2 Complete system M15HK $1,646.35
GL1500  Pair of Silencers to fit OE M15H $812.05
GL1500  Pipe set to fit OE QM15H $613.60
GL1500  Collector only to fit OE CM15H $613.60
GL1500  Pipes and Collector only M15HC $1,051.00
GL1000/1100/1200 Slash cut extensions MGLEX $362.50